People Management Partners (PMP-HR) are a Human Resources (HR) consultancy based in London, working with new business & start-ups, with the aim of making them great places to work. As part of their evolution, a re-brand was required as their existing brand didn't really reflect their friendly, curious, approachable culture. So we started with some guidelines. 


The brand style reflects the culture of People Management Partners. Their voice is clear, easy to follow and uses non-HR jargon. Their look is bold and colourful. This is a brand with personality. Looking at the tone of voice, colour palette and imagery (sourced from Unsplash, Pixabay and Shutterstock), the toolkit gives clear instruction on how to use the brand and best promote the culture of the business.

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Brand Toolkit - June 2019v49.png
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Brand Toolkit - June 2019v417.png