Symonds & Sampson, the leading Estate Agents, Auctioneers & Surveyors, covering Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire & Hampshire, use a variety of adverts for use in local newspapers, parish newsletters and for roadside boards. In 2019, we had worked with a local agency to provide 10 vector graphics for use in these adverts. They worked really well to provide consistency, but having been used for a year, it was time for an update.



We didn't want to move too far from the original style as we had spent the last year ensuring brand consistency. To freshen the suite of materials, I decided that we should have a strong focal area as part of the advert, that might resonate with the audience (e.g. flowers for flower show programme, pints for the beer festival etc). This then gave us the opportunity to maintain consistency of the brand but to re-fresh it for 2020.

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