The Rona Sailing Project (RSP) are a Sail Training Charity working with young people and vulnerable adults in Southampton. Due to the impact of COVID-19 they were unable to sail so they decided to run a "Virtual Voyage" online to maintain the sailing camaraderie and for a bit of fun at such a bleak time.


With no guidelines and no budget, we initially put together a Facebook post/poster to gauge interest in the virtual voyage. Take up was great, with over 50 people signing up to take part. From a one-off poster, we produced a series of posters to promote each part of the competition. Each with a tongue-in-cheek sailing theme. Following on from this project, I was then asked to produce a new brochure and flyer for the project (which is sill in development).

Find out more about the fantastic work the Rona Sailing Project do:

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Lockdown Ships Race 2020 Race1.png
Lockdown Ships Race 2020 - Race 2.png
Lockdown Ships Race 2020 - Race 3.png
Lockdown Ships Race 2020 - Race 4.png
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