People Management Partners (PMP-HR) are a Human Resources (HR) consultancy based in London, working with new businesses and start-ups, with the aim of making them great places to work. Having worked on their re-branding, it was time to update the website to reflect their friendly, curious, approachable culture. 


Built in Squarespace, all the copy was re-written to match their brand's tone of voice and modern imagery was chosen to get away from the typical HR consultant stock-shot vibe of overly Americanised imagery. PMP-HR are different, they Keep HR human. So the website needed to reflect this. We chose typically abstract images, with bold colours, to match the bold brand. More informal language was used to appeal to people who might not know much about HR. All of which reflects the essence of the brand: friendly, accessible and great to work with.

See the full site at: